Frimley, 17 February 2020

3 September 2020

COREteQ shipped 11 Guardian units to North America

Another 11 Mechanical Seal Protector (Guardian) shipped to North America this morning.

These will be installed in SAGD wells over the next few months and will join the other 23 units out in the field.
All units that were deployed to date continue to perform their duty. The first unit deployed back in early 2019 has now been operating for over 18 months in the harsh SADG environment and continues to protect the ESP in its production duties.



Frimley, 17 February 2020

17 February 2020

COREteQ Systems'  Guardian Product Achieves Operational Milestone 

COREteQ Systems is proud to announce that its Guardian product that was installed in a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well in Northern Canada with a major oil sands operator has operational success for 1 year since its installation in February 2019. This well has well above normal sand production rates which are detrimental to the life of ESP protector’s mechanical shaft seal. This first Guardian continues to endure the rigour of SAGD well operations and is anticipated to contribute to the demonstration of the effectiveness of this innovative device to extend the life of the ESP system.

Based on the performance of this first unit and to increase sample size, a significant number of Guardian orders were placed by the same and other oil sands operators, with a significant proportion of these already installed and operating

in producing wells in Northern Canada.


The Guardian was designed to integrate seamlessly with most of the ESP equipment.  It is now integrated with ESP equipment from the two service providers to SAGD operators.


The full technical success of the Guardian product will be declared upon system pull to assess the mechanical shaft seal condition.



20 September 2019


COREteQ Systems Participation in SPE ATCE 2019

COREteQ Systems are attending the SPE ATCE 2019 in Calgary, AB, Canada, to present a paper in collaboration with Joint Industry Project partners.


The paper will be presented on October 1, 2019, in session 34 focused on Electrical EOR. The publication is SPE-195848-MS entitled “Breaking Barriers 350oC Rated Permanent Magnet Motor Design for Electric Submersible Pumps in SAGD wells”. The paper will present the methodology adopted by COREteQ in the design of this barrier braking electrical motor targeted for the most challenging environment.


31 May 2019 

COREteQ Systems appoints a Chief Commercial Officer

COREteQ Systems, a company that develops and manufactures high-reliability Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) motor systems for upstream oil production and geothermal applications, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Crossland as a Chief Commercial Officer. 

Ian started his oilfield career as a Well Services engineer with Schlumberger and has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Ian held various line-management, operational and technical positions across different disciplines on several continents.


Before joining COREteQ, Ian was VP of UK & Africa at RESMAN AS, a Norwegian oil wells surveillance technology company. Prior, Ian was Global Senior Technical Sales Manager at AX-S and prior to that he had 16 years with Schlumberger in both Well Services and Completions segment. Ian brings to COREteQ a strong combination of oil and gas technical and management skills coupled with global experience.


This development is a response to an anticipated increase in international market demand for our products and services. This will ensure COREteQ can deliver top level, commercial and technical support for its customers as the company expands.


COREteQ Systems Ltd

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22 March 2019 

COREteQ Systems awarded Innovate UK-funded manufacturing and materials loan

COREteQ Systems, a company that develops and manufactures high-reliability Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) motor systems for upstream oil production and geothermal applications, has won funding in the highly competitive Innovation Loan Competition run by Innovate UK.

The loan will enable COREteQ Systems to carry out further value engineering in its products, and to streamline its manufacturing to optimise cycle times. The aim is to be able to scale up to meet the high forecast demand for its products and services.


COREteQ Systems will use the funds to apply new materials and manufacturing methods, in order to reduce product costs while maintaining the performance of the equipment required for the demanding pumping applications.

The Manufacturing and Materials Innovation Loan Competition was part of a pilot funding programme from Innovate UK. The organisation offered up to £50 million in attractive loans across five industry sectors for highly innovative SMEs with transformative products.


COREteQ Systems’ CEO, Dr Hassan Mansir, said: “Innovate UK’s pilot loan programme was introduced to help accelerate the growth of some of UK’s most transformative SMEs. We are delighted that our innovative technology and potential impact on oil and gas, and on geothermal energy, has been recognised in such a highly competitive scheme. We are excited to use this investment to improve our cycle time and significantly increase our production rates”

Tim Sawyer, Chief Investment Officer of Innovate UK, commented: “Innovative, ambitious businesses across the UK can see COREteQ’s trailblazing work and the opportunities that Innovation Loans offer and follow in its footsteps. Innovations need different types of funding support depending on how close they are to market. Getting the right funding at the right time can be game-changing for a business, to scale up its productivity and growth. Patient, flexible loans help innovations that are near to market, where there is less risk involved and we are pleased to support COREteQ through this pilot programme.”


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Innovate UK drives productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas, including those from the UK’s world-class research base. 

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