Main Time To Failure (MTTF) of Electrical Submersible Pumps has evolved from a few months to about 3 years at 50% certainty ... It needs to be 9 years at 90% certainty for ESPs to make the business case in some applications


COREteQ's innovations and its approach to validation and qualification will achieve the industry target with a near term target  of 5 years at 90% Certainty


Probability of Survival

COREteQ Innovations

COREteQ Validation and Qualification Methodology

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Dynamometer and Instrumentation

COREteQ Bearing Test Rig

Dedicated Bearing Test Rig for radial and thrust bearings

COREteQ Pressure Test Rig

Pressure Test Rig - 20,000 psi / 300C 

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COREteQ Test Well.png

COREteQ Test Well